Monday, May 1, 2017

All about budget friendly ND filters and my search to find'em !

Most often you might have seen YouTubers and DSLR filmmakers using an extra piece of glass on their lens! When I was starting out with learning DSLR videomaking, it's fascinating how I had imagined them to be just 'sunglasses' for the lens for protection purpose. They serve such an important purpose that I can only be surprised thinking how wrong I was :)

So, what are ND Filters?

They are just another piece of tinted glass that are supposed to be attached over your lens. ND stands for Neutral density. Good quality ND filters do not leave any color cast over your image (hence, neutral).

and why do I need them?

They are useful for the following reason mainly:

  • Still Photography: Get shallower depth of field (more background blur) and smooth long exposure shots.
  • DSLR Video: Get shallow depth of field by the ability to use a larger aperture (smaller f-stop no.).