Monday, July 3, 2017

Alag Angle Nagpur : 'Alive 2017' - Heart to 'Seed paper' !

The atmosphere at the gallery was so cheerful. There was no music, no upbeat talk, but still a strong energy in the air. I felt 'lively' the moment I entered the newly opened Kalakunj Art Gallery opposite to Nagpur Gardens Club. No wonder the organisers had named the art exhibition as - 'Alive' 2017.

Yesterday I decided to visit the art exhibition put up by Alag angle art community in Nagpur. The main motivating factor for me was the use of ‘seed paper’ in creating the artworks. I was unheard of this ‘seed paper’ before the beautiful paintings mesmerized me yesterday. It is basically handmade paper which is embedded with plant seeds. This creative concept, as I was told by one of the artist present there, was brought into materiality by one of the members of the organization. They produced their own ‘seed papers’ and created art over it. Basically, the artwork becomes ‘never-dying’ as the painting if decomposed into soil, gives birth to a plant by virtue of the seeds embedded in it.
The very first sight after entering the exhibition.

I was told repeatedly that the wooden frames that they had used to encompass their artworks were also made by the artists themselves. Some time back, a wonderful activity called – “Maker’s Adda” had been conducted by Alag Angle organization. The aim then was to create artworks out of wood and in the process also learn about the various tools and techniques used to produce such artworks. Thus, they conceived the wooden frames. 
As I entered the realm created by artists, I was approached by the creators present themselves. They were very eager to know how I interpreted their artworks and to explain to me their ideology behind the creation. It was a pleasant surprise to witness the eloquence with which each individual artist put forward their idea behind the art. Artists so young !

Vaishnavi had created a very descriptive piece of artwork. The painting depicted her relationship with her friends and also at the same time showcased her architectural background. She elatedly told me how her friends were caught in shock when they saw themselves into Vaishnavi's art! This made their bond stronger. Makes me confirm to the fact that anything done for friends is never 'so much' :)

Vaishnavi with 'Friends & Infinity'.

Another artist showed her artwork displayed as one of the 'firsts' in the gallery. Showcasing the complexity of her life and aptly intertextualising with the game of chess. The position of King as the leader and the voids in context. The surreal looking painting was a eye-candy and an eye-opener simultaneously. It is interesting to watch how everybody had his/her own view over this piece. I am sure the response of audience must be very gratifying for the artist as well, who looked pleased to see the meanings they derived from the painting.

Bharti with her intriguing work of art.

Shrushti - 'Not your everyday artist'.

As I stroll the aisle, I came across another masterpiece, with its concieving artist promptly awaiting my attention. And boy she became my favorite there ! This young creator named Shrushti was very verbose with her wisdom behind art. I was impressed with the art as much as the way she explained it to me. Her piece unlike others, came with a 'depth' to it too. The wooden-framed piece with birds and sea waves was appropriately hung on a wooden door-frame. The void of sky gave a sense of infinity to the piece, says Shrushti. She even associated it with a mindblowing story of a certain bird. And then, I was spellbound by her imagination.

It was an amazing experience. Nagpur needs more such wonderful art galleries alongwith wonderful organizations like Alag Angle. Both these wings have the potential to arise artists far, far up!